A Personal Journey Harnessing Intimacy

Always a Coach

Gloria Rowing a Raft

As a former extreme sports guide, instructor, and coach, I love helping people get over their fears and gain a new sense of confidence! I coached and instructed disabled veterans, people with disabilities, minorities, and everyone in between. My goal was, and will always be, to facilitate happiness and confidence.

I was happy and confident and physically strong. But, I had disabling pains, strange rashes, and was allergic to everything. My health deteriorated every year.

The only pleasure I knew came from outside sources, my husband, my work, my activities, I had never considered myself as a supplier of my own pleasure and my reliance on other's often created conflict and confusion.

The Struggle

I was guiding a mountain bike trip on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon when I was overcome with the fear that something was really wrong. I actually listened to my body, screaming with pain, and went to the emergency room.

That was 11 abdominal surgeries and 54 doctors ago.

My 5th surgery was a hysterectomy at 30 years old. Ten weeks after my surgery, during intercourse, my vaginal cuff (where they take out your cervix and close off the vaginal canal) popped open. I survived but, I considered myself broken.

Chronic pelvic pain rendered me bedridden for three years. I was diagnosed with a handful of autoimmune diseases and interstitial cystitis. My husband and I suffered from PTSD from the hysterectomy accident and I found that there was very little research on how to regain and maintain intimacy with chronic pelvic pain. So, I started a Facebook Group called Hurts so Good-Pelvic Pain. And my passion for harnessing pleasure blossomed.



In the decade that I was having pain and surgeries, I got my Master's Degree, changed careers, became a Sexologist, and finally found my own pleasure hidden within my body!

54 doctors had the opportunity to help me in my journey, and a lot of them told me about how stress ignites pain, but none of them told me about how pleasure can heal.

While I was receiving coaching for pain management, I was studying Taoist Sexology and how to harness your pleasure. I was also studying neuroplasticity and the concept of training your brain!

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Pain coaching, Taoism, and nueroplasticity combined gave me the tools to harness my own pleasure! I came up with unique techniques to controlling my pain, anxiety, and PTSD that worked!

With a little encouragement from my pain coach and physical therapist, I created Intimacy for Everyone. I want to share my unique approach to alleviating the symptoms of chronic pain, illness, and disability through pleasure and sexuality. 

I tell my clients that intimacy starts with "I". You don't need a partner to harness the healing power of your own pleasure, you just need knowledge and encouragement. Thats what I am here for!

Intimacy starts with "I"!