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11 months ago

"Sexless marriages happen for several reasons. Number one, it's intimacy anorexia, where it's actively withholding," said Dr. Weiss, who was the first to coin the term after seeing a distinct lack of ... See more

11 months ago

"A new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that older people who routinely partake in physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain, and ... See more

1 year ago
Let's Talk About Barriers to Intimacy When You Have a Disability

Communication is so important during relationships, especially sex with anybody with a disability/health condition. People need to know they’ll be supported,and the other person needs to know what ... See more

Niamh discusses difficulties disabled people often have when pursuing romantic relationships and sex.

1 year ago
Aqua sex: Sexiest way to spice up your healthy lifestyle

Women in periods need sex while suffering from the cramps as sex is a natural pain reliever. Ask your partner to help you get rid of the pain and provide you pleasure instead. Just give it a try. ... See more

Making love in the water is perfect for the busy morning and great to start your day.

1 year ago
Women's Health Problems Linked To Forced First Sexual Experience, Cambridge Study Finds

...the study does not prove that the sexual coercion actually caused any of the health conditions — it merely shows a correlation. But "I think when it comes to clinical practice, it's sort of a ... See more

Among the 1 in 16 American women who report "forced sexual initiation," the more common conditions include chronic pelvic pain, researchers say.

1 year ago
Art of the Tease - Workshop 9/13/19 — Intimate Boudoir by Alexi Hubbell Photography

Time to get your sassy on with Alexi Skye Hubbell's Art of the Tease! See you all there!

Please join us for our first ever burlesque class at our new studio! We are extremely lucky and grateful to have the famous and talented, Sass A Frass, leading this “Art of the Tease” class! We ... See more

1 year ago
Pain Management Coaching

If you are suffering from chronic pain, I also offer pain coaching. Pain and pleasure is my passion.

Chronic pain doesn't have to rule your life! Meet online for your 1 hour coaching session today and take back your life!

1 year ago
Taboos of painful sex and bladder leakage are ridiculous, physiotherapist says

"As many as 40 per cent of women leak urine after childbirth. After menopause, the figure is even higher. One woman in five has pain with sex. One man in nine has persistent genital pain."

It might seem difficult to talk about “the vaginas and abdomens and the anuses and the penises of Montreal,” but there’s help for pain and loss of control.

1 year ago
Sex Should Not Be Painful: The Stigma of Vaginismus

" with conditions like vaginismus, the problem is that your muscles are overactive, contracting strongly when they shouldn’t, and they need to be taught to relax as much as possible—they don’t ... See more

This is an important issue that many people are living with under a shroud of shame and secrecy.

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